SUNSTATE Embroidery

Embroidery At its Best!

Michelle Thelen

Michelle spends much of her time handling clients, looking at trends and forecasting the needs of her embellishment businesses, Sunstate and AZ Hot Tees. 

Jenna Buchanan

Jenna is the all around all star helping with everything from Receivables and payables to taking orders and creating quotes and bids

About Us

Lupe Diaz

Lupe is the head embroider and controls product flow, job setup, sewing, sew-outs, Quality Control, pre-ship and packaging.  Lupe has more than 15 years experience running most aspects of an embroidery shop  

Dyan Wollenberg

Dyan is the manager and schedules production, supervises shipping, receiving, quality, product ordering, bids and proposals, Handles digitizing and just about everything else!